At Erkur Makine, it is our most important principle that all our machines meet certain standards. As the machine ages, the technologies may become obsolete and parts may wear out. Our update service keeps your machines running and ensures that the most up-to-date technology is available for our customers’ production needs.

Why is maintenance required on machines?
We want to build our machines with the best possible parts, and that means having reliable, up-to-date machines. If one of your machines fails, it could mean hours of downtime, which ultimately means thousands of items that were not produced. This is a big problem not only for us but also for our customers. We aim for our machines to always be reliable, but there are other reasons to constantly update our machines. We always want to stay compliant with all safety and state-of-the-art requirements. Safety is the top priority and by making sure our machines comply with safety standards, we ensure that an accident does not occur because a machine violates or does not meet specifications. Another reason for our updates is,
Everyone knows how much and how fast technology is changing. This is another major reason why we frequently update our machines. Changes in technological software are helping our machines and ultimately our customers.

What if a machine breaks down?

While we try our best to keep our machines running smoothly, sometimes machines break down. We prepared ourselves for the times when these scenarios emerged. Typically if a machine fails, it can take days for the machine to be up and running again as a part needs to be ordered and then shipped. At Erkur Makine, we shortened the delivery time with the supply of spare parts and fixed parts. Even if the machine stops working, we provide the necessary spare parts and remote connection service to make it work again as soon as possible. Finally, our fault-preventing maintenance programs prevent machines from failing before they fail.

Parts for Special Projects

In case a customer requests a special project or part, we also have special tools and machinery. These equipment allow us to move faster than other companies. There is an equipment and project dedicated parts that help with very complex, high volume parts or special requests. Our machines are also capable of custom programming if specific functions are required.


Original parts

We provide optimum support to our customers worldwide with machine spare parts.

We provide optimum support to our customers worldwide with machine spare parts. Safe, reliable, premium parts for guaranteed quality. Predefined spare parts sold in packaged units for a specific maintenance activity. Predefined parts sold assembled for a specific area of ​​the machine. A predefined set of parts used for a specific repair will be provided all together in one package. Spare / consumables for the machine.


Complete renewal

Whether in one of our Erkur Machinery Service Centers or at your own facility, our rebuilding and renovation services are designed to help you return your outdated machines to a “new“ state. Erkur Makine increases the efficiency of your machines, increases reliability and extends the life of your equipment with repair or renewal.

We offer:

Machine repair / refurbishment
Turnkey refurbishment and reconfiguration
Mechanical services on demand
We are here when you need us:

Nothing is left to chance and our repairs are backed by a global engineering support network. We work with original material standards, specifications and precise tolerances to guarantee the fit and production values ​​of OEM parts.

Most of our repair centers provide repair, testing and training services to our customers. We repair products from other manufacturers including Erkur Makine and Thermoforming machines, Extruders and dies.

Our worldwide service centers offer local engineering and manufacturing support, equipment, recovery and components, and technical support assembly and overhaul.


Our dedicated service teams have a good knowledge of experience, specifications and the right tools. This ensures you get the highest quality repairs and refurbishments that protect your devices and maximize the life of equipment and components.

Refurbishments and rebuilds are complex and time consuming projects where even a small error can lead to significant delays in returning a facility to full production. Erkur Makine will make your life easier and reduce project risks. With our comprehensive service offerings, Erkur Makine can take care of all aspects of the renovation and rebuilding process, from project management to planning and execution, including parts supply and skilled labor for onsite management teams.
Long equipment life, good performance and safe operation depend on a thorough understanding of equipment and maintenance procedures. Our teams in the field have expert experience and follow the maintenance and repair procedures defined by the manufacturer. With this in mind, you can be sure that diagnostic work, mechanical repair work, adjustments and installation of components are carried out correctly and efficiently.
Erkur Makine with its repair and renovation works:
Cost effectiveness
Improved reliability
Improved equipment efficiency
provides equipment with OEM standards and specifications.


Annual maintenance contract

Erkur Makine provides yearly maintenance services for your thermoforming machines, regardless of how many years or how many thermoforming machines you have.

Now, owners of many other thermoforming machine brands can also take advantage of our value-added maintenance support with our multi-brand service program. When your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, we are here to assist you using our wide-ranging expertise, resources and personal approach to help you get more out of your thermoforming machine.
You can be sure of the highest quality and fastest response times thanks to our network of experienced service staff. Also, our flexible offer allows you to choose exactly the level of support you need. You can choose between longer and “all-in-one” packages, with a range of partial and short-term service contracts. Also, depending on the support level you choose, you can have assurance of guaranteed availability.



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