At Erkur Makine all of our machines need to meet certain standards. As a machine ages, technologies can become outdated and parts can wear. Our upgrading service keeps your machines up and running, and ensures the most up-to-date technology is available for our customers’ manufacturing needs.

Why is maintenance required on machines?

We only want to produce the best parts possible and this means having reliable, up-to-date machines. If one of our machines breaks down this could mean hours of down time, which in the end means thousands of parts that were not produced. This is a hassle not only for us but for our customers. While we want our machines to be reliable, there are also other reasons for consistently updating our machines. We always want to remain compliant to all of the legal and safety requirements. Safety is a top priority, and by making sure our machines are compliant we are ensuring that an accident won’t happen because of a machine breaking or not meeting specifications. Another reason we upgrade is to stay ahead of the latest trends in the market place so we can anticipate our customers needs and be able to provide the components that they request.

Everyone knows how much – and how quickly – technology changes. This is another major reason that we update our machines often. The changes in technology software only help our machines and that ultimately helps our customers.

What happens if a machine does break down?

Even though we try our best to keep our machines running smoothly, sometimes machines do break down. We have prepared ourselves for when these scenarios happen. Typically if a machine breaks down it could take days to fix, mainly because a part has to be ordered and then shipped in. At Erkur Makine we have cut this lead-time down by having spare parts and a steady part supply. This means that if a machine does stop working, we have parts available to help fix it.  Last but not least, our preventative maintenance programs avoid machine break downs before they arise.

Parts for Special Projects

In case a customer requests a special project or component, we also have special tool and machine equipment. This equipment enables us to move quicker than other companies would. There are parts that are dedicated to a tool and project, which helps with very complex, high-volume parts or with special requests. Our machines are also capable of special programming if certain functions are needed.

Original pays off

Spare parts

With machine spare parts we offer our customers worldwide optimal support.

With machine spare parts we offer our customers worldwide optimal support.  Safe, reliable, superior parts for guaranteed quality. Pre-defined  spare parts sold in packageed units for a specific maintenance activity. Pre-defined components which are sold as mounted assemblies for a specific area of the machine. Pre-defined set of parts used for a specific repair , to be supplied all togehther in one package. Replacement/consumables for machine.


Full refurbishment

Whether it is in one of our Erkur Makine Service Centers or on-site at your facility, our rebuild and refurbishment services are designed to help you return aging machinery back to an “as new“ state. With a Erkur Makine repair or refurbishment, production efficiency is increased, machine reliability is improved and the life of your equipment can be extended.

We offer:

Machine repair/refurbishment
Turnkey refurbishment and rebuild
On demand mechanical services
We are here when you need us:

Nothing is left to chance and our repairs are backed by a global network of engineering support. We work with original material standards, specifications and precise tolerances to guarantee OEM parts’ fit and production values.

The majority of our repair centers provide repairs, testing and training services for our customers. We provide the repairs of Erkur Makine and other manufacturers products including Thermoforming machines, Extruders and molds.

Our service centers worldwide offer local engineering and manufacturing support, assembly and overhaul of equipment, recovery and components and technical support.


Our committed service teams are well equipped with experience, thorough knowledge of specifications and the correct tools. This ensures that you get the highest quality repairs and refurbishments safeguarding your devices and maximizing the lifetime of equipment and components.

Refurbishment and rebuilds can be complex and time-consuming projects, where even a small mistake can lead to significant delays in returning a plant to full production. Erkur Makine will make your life simpler and reduce project risks. With our comprehensive service offerings, Erkur Makine can take care of all aspects of the refurbishment and rebuild process from project management to planning and execution, including parts supply and skilled labor for the on-site teams.

Long equipment life, good performance and safe operation depend on an extensive understanding of equipment and maintenance procedures. Our on-site crews have expert experience, follow the manufacturer’s defined maintenance and repair procedures, and have access to equipment specialists around the world. With this in mind, you can be confident that diagnostic work, mechanical repair work, adjustments and the installation of components have been done correctly and efficiently.

With Erkur Makine repairs and refurbishments you get:
Cost effectiveness
Improved reliability
Improved equipment efficiency
Equipment returned to OEM standards and specifications


Annual maintenance contract

For over ,,, years, Erkur Makine has been delivering excellent service on our own thermoforming machines, no matter how many or how few thermoforming machines you own.

Now, owners of a growing range of other thermoforming machine brands can also enjoy the benefits of our value-added maintenance support through our multi-brand service programme. When your manufacturer’s warranty runs out, we are here to help – using our wide-ranging expertise, extensive resources and personal approach to help you get more out of your thermoforming machine.

Thanks to our extensive service team network, you can be sure of the highest quality and fastest response times. Plus, our flexible offering lets you choose exactly the level of support you need. You can choose from a range of partial and short-term service contracts, as well as longer and “all-in” packages. Moreover, depending on the level of support you choose, you get the reassurance of a guaranteed availability



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